Friday, August 29, 2014

Pink Elephant: Love: Grace Film Festival: Official Selection

Pink Elephant

Runtime: 3:11
Category: Love
Screening Date: January 31, 2015

Pink Elephant is about an enthusiastic photographer who, with a little help, overcomes obstacles, experiences love at first sight, and ultimately, finds happiness.

Director: Hunter Hopewell
Hunter Hopewell is an 18 year old, national award winning student filmmaker majoring in Film at the UNLV Honors college.
Director’s Statement
I originally got the idea for Pink Elephant when I was trying to get a photo of my dad next to an antique car at Disney World. Clueless people from around the world kept ruining the photo, and it was just ridiculous enough to make a great concept for a short film. Ironically, the Pink Elephant originated in Disney World during the '50s and now, guards the Diamond Inn Motel, one of the oldest, original buildings on the Las Vegas Strip. The Pink Elephant is right by the Fabulous Las Vegas sign and across the street from Mandalay Bay.

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