Friday, August 29, 2014

A Date With Fate: Love: Grace Film Festival: Official Selection

A Date With Fate
Runtime: 3:00
Category: Love
Screening Date: January 31, 2015

Some things are meant to be, whether you like it or not.

Director: Venetia Taylor
VENETIA TAYLOR (writer/director) studied English Literature at Sydney University and acting at Screenwise. Short films include Terror on the Northside, The Palace, Connected, Distant Thunder, Brittany, Garbo, Ave Maria, The Future, Date With Fate & Counsellor. Stage plays include Terror on The Northside. Awards include Tally Shorts Festival Favourite (Tally Shorts US 2014), Audience Award for Best Short (YES Film Festival US 2013), Digital Film Award (San Francisco Frozen Film Festival US 2013), Best of Fest Winner (Rochester International Film Festival US 2013), Best International Film (Screen Stockport Film Festival UK 2012), Best Short Short (Harlem International Film Festival US 2012), Best Comedy (Poppy Jasper Film Festival US 2012), Best Film (Janison Short Sharp Film Festival NSW 2012), Best Short Short Comedy (Detroit Windsor International Film Fest US 2012), Best International Short Comedy (Carmarthen Bay Film Festival UK 2012), Best Film (Boohoo Short Film Competition Sydney 2011), Most Popular Film (Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival WA 2010), Audience Choice Award (Sandfly Film Festival NSW 2010), Bin Laughing Award (In The Bin Short Film Festival QLD 2010), Best Screenplay & Best Short Comedy (WOW Film Festival Sydney 2009) and Best New Talent, Best Script & Best Overall Production (Short & Sweet Short Play Festival Sydney 2008).

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