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 Welcome to long-time Lutherans, Christians from every tradition, and people new to faith. Welcome to all who have no church home, want to follow Christ, have doubts, or do not believe. Welcome to new visitors and old friends. Welcome to people of every age and size, color and culture, every sexual orientation and gender identity, socio-economic status, marital status, ability and challenge. Welcome to believers and questioners, and to questioning believers. This is a place where you are welcome to celebrate and sorrow, rejoice and recover.  This is a place where lives are made new.

New to the church or a visitor?  You can check out this wikipedia page to learn more about Lutherans and what it means when we use the word Evangelical.

If you don't have time to read all that, don't worry.  You can either read our mission statement below, or simply come join us.  We hope you'll discover that we don't have a list of ideas or rules we expect you to believe or memorize.   We really mean it when we say all are welcome.  And we'll do our best to share our faith and worship life without expecting you to look things up in the dictionary or know when to stand up or sit down.  

Please let our pastor know if you need help understanding anything or participating in our worship service.  

Our Mission Statement
The family of Grace Lutheran Church shares a Common Mission as we journey together and empower each other in proclaiming to one another and to all the world the message of God in Christ Jesus.

We are continually filled through the Holy Spirit and reminded that each of us is special in the eyes of God and that Christ's death and resurrection confirm that God's love is unconditional and not dependent on our good works.  We are thus freed to concentrate on supporting each other in love and compassion

We see in all people the one created in the image of God and delight in the special message and diversity that each person brings to our community.

We proclaim to all the love and peace we have come to know in Christ Jesus and pray that our witness in both work and deed will reflect this love.

We welcome both friend and stranger as brother and sister, challenging each other to discover the depths to which we are loved by God.  By sharing this love, we will face together the storms of life that rage around us.

We believe that the church should be like the eye of the hurricane, offering a safe haven for all as we continue in our special Mission for God.  With God walking with us, we will make it so!

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