Friday, August 22, 2014

a Mother: Love: Grace Film Festival: Official Selection

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Language: Hindi
Runtime: 14
Category: Love 
Screening Date:  January 31, 2015
AAi (mother) is a film about a mother’s unconditional love for her son, the film is her perspective of having a baby and watching her son grow up.. and everything that happens in the middle.

The Film is set up in India and spawns over several years and several generation of one family.
 Director: Aroop Dwivedi
Aroop Dwivedi a 38 year old Animation trainer and Film designer from India, who has mentored several student short films in last couple of years.
He graduated in Commerce in 1998 and later decided to pursue Animation film making as his career; he has been working in the production and education sector at tandem for last 15 years, where other than working on several international projects, he has also designed the animation syllabus for several Indian universities.
He is passionate about the classical style of animation and loves photography.
Director’s Statement
AAi is my debut film,its a film which has been extremely challenging emotionally and physically , due to the fact that i have been working on this film relentlessly for last four years , there had been days where i have just drawn 2 drawings(frames) but i have continuously worked on it with out missing a beat , also the fact that in last four years, the same time i was working on this film, i have lost a lot of my dear ones, acquaintances,friends,relatives which is why finishing this became film became all the more important, this film is my ode to those loved ones.