Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yours Truly: Official Selection: Love: Grace Film Festival

Yours Truly
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Runtime: 12:19
Category: Love
Screen Date: January 31, 2015

A girl goes off to college in search of true love, but when things don't turn out as she expected, she discovers what truly matters.
Director: Ruth Friedman
Ruth Friedman recently graduated from Regent University with a B.A. in Cinema and Television with a desire to become a writer/director/actress. She is the writer and director of several short films, including “Beautiful”, “Table Etiquette,” and "Yours Truly" which have been screened at the Regent University showcases and submitted to various film festivals. Ruth’s desire is to create inspirational films with a thought-provoking message, which will reach out to her generation and make a difference. She is especially passionate about creating films for young women who struggle with beauty and relationships. She currently works in Finland at Heaven TV7.
New headshotDirector’s Statement
The making of Yours Truly was a real challenge for me. It tested all my capabilities and proved my strengths and weaknesses in filmmaking. As a whole, the production faced many challenges from funding to postponing filming dates to recording ADR and finally completing the project. I owe my editor the credit for seeing through the finish of this project, since there were so many problems and challenges to resolve. It was definitely an ambitious project; nevertheless, I am proud of the final result and glad for all the experience I gained through this endeavor.