Monday, November 3, 2014

Visitor: Official Selection: Hope: Grace Film Festival

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Runtime: 4:04
Category: Hope
Screen Date: January 30, 2015

Our city has lately been facing the issue of the growing number of stray dogs, the issues that is being somehow resolved... And as we all know, dogs, the same way as people, get their good training and upbringing in childhood and carry that through their lives. In the film «Visitor», two well-brought-up and friendly dogs meet a Stranger - the Tiger. After the initial confusion, the Tiger is accepted and invited to their home. That s what the film is about.
Director: Tatiana Skorlupkina
Tatiana Skorlupkina – first a musician by training, then an artist. Graduated from Glazunov Music Conservatory in Petrozavodsk and the Faculty of Arts and Graphics of Saint-Petersburg Herzen Academy.

Member of Artists’ Union of Russia. Tatiana held many personal art exhibits of her works both in Russia and in many other countries. She has participated in many Russian and international exhibits and film-festivals. Her films have won awards at international festivals.

Tatiana is also a well-renowned short-stories writer and art-projects developer (she is known for that under pseudonym of Fedor Sever).