Friday, November 14, 2014

Alyosha's Love: Official Selection: Forgiveness: Grace Film Festival

Alyosha's Love
Language: Russian
Runtime: 22:42
Category: Forgiveness
Screen Date: April 2015

1945. The War has ended. Alyosha is coming home, expecting tenderness and kindness of his beloved wife, Lyba, and his children. But many things have changed. Except one - his wife still extremely loves him. But would he accept that love?
Based on a A. Platonov novel.
Img 4394  1Director: Nastasia Simbirtsewa
I was born in family of army translator. I've been studying music for 10 years (violin). At the age of 16 I entered to University of Cinematography (VGIK, Moscow). Now I work in TV and I'm making documental films about social problems. As well I'm working on my debut feature film.