Monday, November 17, 2014

The Glorious Refuse: Official Selection: Hope: Grace Film Festival

The Glorious Refuse 

Runtime: 14:57
Category: Hope
Screen Date: April 2015

A promising young man, who abandons his university education in his sophomore, finds himself entangled in a dumpsite in grief and regret, now searches for a better life again.
Director: Jimoh Charles Yusuf
Jimoh Charles Yusuf, an ambitious and creative upcoming filmmaker, was born 14th April 1978, in Sapele Delta state, Nigeria. A biochemistry graduate from YABA College of Technology, Lagos state, Nigeria, 2005. His passion for film took him to Denmark where he studied filmmaking at European Film College, (2012- 2013). He is married with a wife and son.
I have so far written and directed three films to my credit, (Regrets, 2012, Produced in Denmark, Dark Days of Kwanele, 2013 Produced in Denmark.) And The Glorious Refuse 2014 a documentary,Produced in Nigeria). He has also worked in several other projects as writer, director, cinematographer, and production manager during his studies in the European Film College, Denmark.
Director’s Statement
My quest to explore the cinema of reality was borne after watching several interesting documentary Masterpiece. I was thrilled and decided to embark on a documentary project. After, waiting for the budget I needed to execute several of my projects not surfacing, I brace to delve into a subject I could easily execute with the little funds at my disposal.

My intention with THE GLORIOUS REFUSE is to explore the sufferings that I feel are relevant to the society today: that we are living in an increasingly impoverished world; that we are vulnerable to starvation beyond our understanding; and that we tend to contain that which we do not understand or would rather not face. Also, to relate despite this impoverished system, how the ordinary man strives, and has to accept the Wastes, as a gift and the only alternative to his continued woe.

As with the above, I take my creative cues from documentary films of the present day happenings to tell my story, from the eyes of those affected directly, and so it is with my visual approach to THE GLORIOUS REFUSE. As opposed to the conventional style of documentary filmmaking of narration behind the camera. I prefer the use of indirect interviews and cutaways to tell my story, rather than a scripted narration. For me the use of interviews to tell a story directly from the POV of the character in question, gives the film its originality and general acceptance by the audience. I would like nothing more than to leave the audience with an experience that will stay with them, in both body and mind, long after the closing credits have rolled.