Friday, November 14, 2014

The Illusion: Official Selection: Grace Film Festival


The Illusion

Runtime: 2:04
Category: Life
Screen Date: April 2015

This is a human story that is illusion and vanity and every day he gets farther away from the others. In this animation, the dialogue is unknown .(In other world; the dialogue with body language is just to convey the abstract concepts) .

Hanafi 10 5 5
Director: Mohammad Reza Hanafi
Education: high school diploma in mathematics/bachelor’s degree in educational sciences/master’s degree in educational psychology

Art activities: producer and director of movie and
A _ Art records:
1. Writer & Producer & director of Short animation “The Illusion” / 2 min / three dimensional technique / produced in 2013

“The Illusion” was nominee for :
1) The best short animation in Phoenix Film Festival (USA) ( 3-10 April 2014)
2) The best short animation in Short Sharp Film Festival (Australia) (16 August 2014)
“The Illusion” is nominee for :
3) Anim!Arte ( Brazil, 21-30 October 2014 )
4) Festimation: Animation + New Media Arts Festival ( USA, Montana, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th in October 2014 )
5) The Machinima Expo 7 (22 & 23November 2014 )
6) selected for The Jaxon Film Fest ( for Novella Showcase / USA, Michigan, 1&2 November 2014 )
2. Producer and director of animation series “ The Restaurant of the Jungle “ which is totally 390 minutes (26 episodes, 15 minutes each)/
1) “ The Restaurant of the Jungle “ was nominee for the best animated film and sound editing & mixing and also best directing in 2014 Jaame Jam Int. TV Festival and finally won the award of the Best animated film.
2) “ The Restaurant of the Jungle “ selected and is nominee for 28th International Children Film Festival in Isfahan( one of important cities of Iran) (3-6 October 2014)
3. Holding photography, painting and graphic exhibitions in Saadabad art galleries (2002), Niavaran Art Gallery (2002), Jahannama art gallery (2003), Noor art gallery and …
4. Authoring and photographing the book “Karkheh Sarzamin Aram (Karkheh, land of peace)” in two Persian and English languages in 2006
5. Designing hundreds of posters and book cover design by the order of different centers (2000 to 2007).
6. Founder and manager of Shamisa Art and Cultural Inst. (founded from 2004)
7. Producer and director of short animation “Flight” in 2008 (8 minutes)