Monday, November 3, 2014

Shrimp: Official Selection: Love: Grace Film Festival

Language: French
Category: Love
Screening Date: January 31, 2015

Paul, 10 years old, is on holiday in the countryside. At the village dance, Paul would like to invite Wendy to dance, but he is too shy. His big brother Matthew, doesn't help him to have confidence. How Paul will find the courage to invite Wendy to dance ?

2009 - ICECREAM - 13 minutes. Narrative
2011 - BOUDDHI BOUDDHA - 8 minutes. Narrative
2013 - ET DIEU CREA LA POMME - 4 minutes. Narrative
2014 - CREVETTE - 17 minutes. Narrative
2015 - L'AMPOULE - 10 minutes. In development
Director’s Statement
My world is full of color, music and poetry... and I want to share them with you.

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