Friday, November 14, 2014

Early Selections for Exceptional Films: April 2015: Grace Film Festival

We screened almost 100 films and have selected the following for early approvals for our film festival which will screen in April 2015To learn more about our January 2015 event, click here.  All films will screen at Grace Lutheran, 3201 Ulloa St, San Francisco, CA.

Friday, April 24, 2015 - 5:30-8:30pm

Bayberries Have Ripened (16:25) a short film from Nepal
Dervish: a spiritual sojourn (39:01) a short film from India

- Intermission - Films resume at 6:30

Love Free or Die (cancelled)

The Illusion (2:04) a short animated film from Iran
The Complicated Race to the Wheel of Life (11:35) a short film from the Philippines
The Glorious Refuse (14:57) a short film film from Nigeria
Alyosha's Love (22:42) a short film from Russia
1-0 (1) a short from Iran
- Intermission - Films resume at 8pm
Of Boys and Planes (2:40) an animated short from Mexico
Two Men and a Cradle (55:19) a documentary from France

Saturday, April 25, 2015  - 5:15-8:30pm

to be or not to be? (1:01:00) a film from Kazakhstan
 Takhir Umarov is a performer of the leading role, student of the ‘’ARDI’’ Rehabilitation center (Association of Parents of Disabled Children). In real life he dreams to become an actor. His diagnosis is Cerebral palsy. In addition, he is wheelchair-bound and stammers. Takhir does not have chances to realize the dream practically. All roles of this film are performed by young people with disabilities. Every second of their lives is given to them by incredible struggle, which enforces them to put a question for themselves: “To be or not to be”? 

 - Intermission - Films resume at 6:30 pm

Brother Outsider (1:23:00) Documentary from US
Documentary on Bayard Rustin, best-remembered as the organizer of the 1963 March on Washington.

 - Intermission - Films resume at 8pm

Because of Mum (12:17) an animated short from Bulgaria
Shades of Gray (6:18) an animated short from the Russian Federation
Ticonderoga (7) a short film from Canada
Coffee Talk 6 - Gay Marriage (5:06) a short from the US

Films to be shown at Worship During the Month:

These films will be judged in a special category and awarded laurels by the congregation.

Made from Clay (2:17) 
Animated film with coloured clay on top of back-lit glass, a picture of the hardness of society and a positive message to all about the power of the Cross and the hope, love, and light of Christ Jesus. With the incredible musical talent of Kurtis Blow Walker Hip Hop legend and minister of the Gospel.

Any Man's Pryce (8:58)
Gifted pickpocket Christopher Pryce's life is changed forever when he finds a Bible in the pocket of one of the people he tried to rob. Every Man's Pryce is a unique story of redemption and transformation that will leave you with a new perspective. This film is written, directed and edited by fourteen-year-old Josiah Stendel.

Going Through the Motions () 
In the race from day to day, our routines – extending into every facet of who we are as people – can pass by unnoticed. On this short journey, Going Through The Motions exposes the need for reflection and reformation of lukewarm Christian lives. Embrace the invitation to live proactively.

Umudugudu! Rawanda 20 Years On (36)
Rwanda, twenty years on: former genocide killers and survivors live together once again in former or newly built umudugudus (villages). Haunted by their past and fearing an uncertain future, how is life together, when your neighbour is the one who killed your family?

Christ Tempted (8:16)
A short film illustrating Christ's forty days in the wilderness where, prior to beginning His earthly ministry, He was tempted by Satan... yet without sin.

Once we Were Slaves (27:00)
The story of an influential event 2000 years ago from the viewpoint of two people who had a unique perspective

The Other F Word (1:04:00)
What does forgiveness really mean? Is it always essential? Or is it sometimes unnecessary, even impossible, to attain? This feature-length documentary explores the meaning of forgiveness, and examines its impact on our relationships and our sense of justice. Through personal stories of forgiveness sought, forgiveness found and forgiveness withheld, the film provides insight into the universal nature of transgressions, and questions whether any of us are truly able to “turn the other cheek.”

Starting Over: A Record of Faith (24:05)
Starting Over: A Record of Faith, is a short documentary about a former drug addict, who found salvation while staying at Elmwood state prison on drug related charges. After her release, she had a miraculous transformation of character where she at the age of 54 she obtained her very first job and began to give back to the community working with developmentally disabled well with recovery centers such as Teen Challenge. However, her life takes a drastic turn when she learns that she has to go back to prison two years later as a result of the Federal government seeking to prosecute her for the same crime that landed her in Elmwood. The story is a record of her faith as she copes with the sudden change of events and what this change will mean for her life.

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