Monday, November 3, 2014

Playing With Ice: Official Selection: Love: Grace Film Festival

Playing With Ice
Runtime: 18:40
Category: Love
Screening Date: January 31, 2015

Tired of her life of solitude, Jocelyn applies for a mysterious program at Heri-Tech Corp. But the interview proves to be far more difficult than she ever anticipated. In the process, Emma, who works for Heri-Tech, learns of Jocelyn’s painful past of being rejected by her family when she came out. Unprepared for such a vulnerable interview, Jocelyn lashes out at Emma. And yet, could this interview be the very thing Jocelyn needs to help her embrace life here and now?

"This is a wonderful and satisfying short that speaks volumes about what we hold inside and the damage it causes. Wisler has made a life-affirming and nifty pseudo sci-fi movie all at the same time. Bravo!" - from Philip Smolen's review of "Playing with Ice" (Rogue Cinema)

Director: Mikel J. Wisler
Mikel J. Wisler (pronounced "Michael J. Whistler") is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed several short films that have played at festivals domestically and abroad, receiving

nomination and awards. He is also the co-founder of Stories by the River and runs the monthly River Film Forum.

Wisler also has produced and shot films for Stories by the River and has served as cinematographer and editor for many other projects in addition to working as a producer/director of web and television commercial projects. Born in Brazil, South America, where he spent most of his childhood, Wisler now lives on the south shore of Boston, Massachusetts.