Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bahauddin: Official Selection: Faith Grace Film Festival

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, Turkish
Category: Faith
Screen Date: January 29, 2015

Bahauddin (18 years old), a young Sevillian dervish of deep faith and devotion, lives in a Naqshbandi Sufi community in Lefke, Cyprus. A recent breakup, a he tells the filmmaker, generates profound sadness and depression. This makes him lazy and listless. Not being able to fulfill his daily duties, Bahauddin want to evade himself from everything.

Hoping that a solitary retreat in touch with God will return peace and love to his life, Bahauddin dreams of escaping to the mountain, however, day after day, he postpones his project.
Director foto 72dpiDirector: Sebastián Lavados
Sebastián Lavados (1986), Chilean filmmaker, born in Toulouse, France, shoot his first short film at high school. Later on, as he follows a Fine Arts career in Santiago, he experiment with Art Video installations combined with happenings, and also works assiduously with photography. After two years he moves to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to study in a Film School, where he shot mainly two short films, “El Círculo Purgativo” and “Pedro Ríos”.
In the year 2012 he travel to France and Turkey, where he made the fiction short film “L’Abîme Vif” and the documentary short film “Bahauddin” respectively, both finished by early 2014.
Actually he lives in Santiago, where he work on different projects, both fiction and documentary.

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