Thursday, October 2, 2014

Holy Night Fundraiser

Featured Performers Include:

The Cable Car Chorus: For over 65 years, the San Francisco Cable Car Chorus has delighted audiences with men’s four-part a capella harmony in the traditional Barbershop Style. We sing at public events, private parties, concerts, and deliver Singing Valentines during that special time of year.

Pete Feltman is the Music Director at Mission Bay Community Church in San Francisco as well as Pastoral Assistant for Music at College Ave Presbyterian Church in Oakland.  He is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter dividing his time between banjo, piano, and guitar.  Pete also plays in a couple of secular bands around the bay area, West Coast Wildfire - a "soulgrass" band that is plumbing the depths of bluegrass music and infusing it with the lexicon of soul, blues, rock, and folk music.  He also plays in a "heavy metal bluegrass" band called The Gravel Spreaders... beware, noise ahead!  Pete believes that the inherent value of music is its ability to bring people together and inspire new perspectives and ways of understanding the world.  He lives in Oakland. 

Dustin Manuel and Steven Camarota have been playing music together for over 6 years, and have been friends for even longer.  Dustin is the music director at St. Paulus Lutheran Church and Steven is a soloist at St. Paulus and the Program Director of WELCOME overseeing the food programs at St. Francis Lutheran Church.
Kristen Grzeca has an MA in Music History and Literature from UC Berkeley and is currently an artist in residence at the School of the Arts in San Francisco.  Kristen is also a soloist at First Congregational Church in San Francisco. 

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