Monday, October 6, 2014

Some words about Faith and an Invitation to Join Us!

At Grace Lutheran, we believe that faith is something we are all learning about.  We are all teachers and all students.  When our pastor, Megan, preaches on Sundays, she spends 15-20 minutes teaching.  The rest of the week is spent listening and learning.

Each Tuesday we spend time listening to the Bible.  At noon, members of the congregation bring their lunch and talk about the scriptures for the week.  Later in the day, Pastor Megan records an online bible study with several other pastors called Bible Study that Doesn't Suck.

If you live in the San Francisco, Bay Area, you're invited to join us in person for any of our events.  We celebrate a traditional Lutheran service at 10am each Sunday in San Francisco's sunset district (3201 Ulloa St, San Francisco, CA 94116).

If you live outside of San Francisco, you can join our live stream for worship events.  You'll always find the live stream video at the top of

Regardless of what you believe, you are welcome to join us.  We hope you'll learn as much from us as we will from you.

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