Monday, June 22, 2015

We're Collecting Stamps for the Summer: Grace Lutheran's Stewardship and Recycling Project

Pastor Megan will be collecting stamps over the summer for the Stamps for the Wounded Project.  You may put stamps in the offering plate, bring stamps by the congregation if you live locally, or mail them to the project yourself with the information below.

Gathering stamps is a easy, free thing you can do over the summer to help make a difference in the lives of others.  And, it reminds us how some of the things we throw away regularly or think are valueless after they've been used up, still have value.  Similarly nothing and no one is worthless to God!

So join us in collecting stamps this summer.  The information about how to gather the stamps is below.

Now You've Decided to Help...May we venture a few suggestions for packing and mailing your precious gifts?
  1. Be SURE to leave at least a quarter-inch margin or paper around stamps you tear off envelopes or packages, on a single side of envelope paper.  This saves time and money in postage.  Please DON'T try to peel or steam stamps off!  Don't soak stamps or sort them into packets.   This work is much of the fun for the hospitalized collector!  Please do not cut stamps from old envelopes or more modern envelopes if they are special, with such things a First day cancels, forwarding markings, etc.
  2. If you possibly find time, separate the stamps into 3 groups: cancelled U.S., uncancelled U.S. and foreign stamps.  You can ship them together but this preliminary sorting will be a great help to us.
  3. Do not include postmarks (except first-day covers or other special events).  Do not send metered mail.
  4. Use postage stamps on all shipments rather than meters.  You must request Post Office Clerks to put stamps on shipments.
  5. Rather than send a few stamps at a time, wait until you have enough for a large envelope or small box.  Send no more than one package per month.
  6. Pack stamps well.  Don't use something that will break in transit.
  7. If you are requesting a tax receipt, please include an estimate of value citing your reference source (stamp catalogue, dealer buy or sell lists, auction realizations, etc.), an inventory list and an appraisal is needed in some cases.
  8. Cash donations are always needed to offset mailing costs.
  9. We can use stamp collecting supplies, albums, catalogues later than 2000, other philatelic literature, covers, picture postcards and other related material.  We can use other collectibles such as sports cards.
  10. PLEASE print your name and complete address on your parcel, so we'll know who it's from!  We do our best to acknowledge every shipment, but some donors inadvertently make it impossible for us to say "Thanks You!"
Where can I find out more?
   Write directly to:
Stamps for the Wounded
P.O. Box 297
Dunn Loring, VA 22027
John Hotchner
Vice President, SFTW
P.O. Box 1125
Falls Church, VA 22041

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