Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Feb 28, 1982 - Celebration Burning the mortgage: From the Archives

Alyce Moline burning the mortgage
Grace believes that the sacred stories in the Bible help shape our lives and faith, but God's work did not end on the last page of this text.  Our lives and stories are a continuation of these sacred stories.  Here are some of the photos and stories of those who have been a part of the community of saints at Grace Lutheran in San Francisco.

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We're in the process of making our history digital.  Know any of these individuals?  Help us identify the photos by emailing: pastor@gracesf.com

Alyce Moline and Hugh Miller led the count for the church to take on a mortgage and they were there when we paid it of.

Former Pastor Thoni preaching

Hugh Miller

Children's sermon

Children's sermon

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