Monday, September 15, 2014

Miss Summer: Love: Official Selection: Grace Film Festival

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Language: German
Category: Love
Screening Date: January 31, 2015

A music video, which turns life upside down, as well as love is able to turn life upside down and mix it up.

Therefore, do we start from the end or from the beginning? We do both. We recorded this video in a Oneshot and because this seemed to be too easy, we decided to play the movie backwards.
Director: Robert Bittner
Robert Bittner is a German director and actor.
He was born in 1977 in Germany.
2001-2005 he studied acting in Berlin.
After he graduated in 2005, he worked at several theatres throughout Germany and played parts in scores of movies.
2007 – 2008 he was guest student for directing.
In 2012 he established his production company „Sonnenfilme“.
The first two movies, “Lucky Dice” and “Frühlingswind”, originated in 2012, “Heimatstern” and “Miss Summer” followed in 2013.
With “Miss Summer” he won the audience award at the “Filmfest Dresden” this year.
Currently he ́s in the postproduction with his new “Sonnenfilme”-project “Der Spiegelberg”.

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