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Share Day: Hope: Grace Film Festival: Official Selection

Share Day
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Runtime: 8:04
Category: Hope
Screening Date: January 30, 2015

Share Day is a short documentary about 'Show and Tell Day' at  the Little Shepherd Children's Center at Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church in Arlington, TX. We follow Ian, a four year old student, as he plays with and shares his special toy with the other children. We hear opinions and stories from the schools director and teachers about the educational benefits and the emotional ups and downs of Share Day.

Director: Laura McQuay
Laura has been around filmmaking and celebrated filmmakers her entire life. Ms. McQuay began working in the film industry at the age of 6 years old with a role in her father’s film “The Aftermath”. Although film has always been her passion, Ms. McQuay began her professional working career as a graphic and fashion designer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For over 11 years she designed multiple fashion accessory lines and traveled around the world for major fashion companies. In 2009, she followed her passion for production and began working on locally produced film projects as a coordinator, production manager and producer, and in 2012 established Lone Star Cyclops Films. She produced the short film “The 82 Peddler”(2012), which screened at multiple festivals, and has produced and coordinated a number of projects including television, music video and commercials. Her feature film work includes Line Producer of “Knucklebones”(2014) (fulfilling a dream of working on a horror genre film!) and she will be teaming up again with writer/director Derek Presley to produce the feature film, “Cronus” in 2014.
Director’s Statement
Wednesday is Share Day at Little Shepherd Childrens’ Center. Every Wednesday morning, we would choose a toy or special item to take to school. Sometimes we would forget, but almost every Wednesday for the combined 8 years that my children attended this preschool it was our routine. As my youngest child was nearing his last year of preschool, I decided to take a film crew into the school to document the day that has been so special to us for so many years of their childhood. I wanted to tell a short story about the school and children that we could all relate to and look back on
our own childhood experiences of sharing. I think everyone can remember show and tell day, and the excitement of bringing their prized possession to show off to their friends. This is a film that anyone can enjoy, but also very personal to me as a filmmaker and as a parent. Making this film was an opportunity to create a keepsake of the educators and school that nurtured our little ones and helped to prepare them for their adventures after preschool.
--Laura McQuay

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