Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Help Support our Pew Cushion Drive

We're working on purchasing pew cushions for the sanctuary.  We need to raise $7,500 to get cushions for our 29 pews.  That's $255 per pew.  Or $25 per person that can fit in our sanctuary.

Every list of evangelism that exists lists the comfort of the pews and cushions in the seat as one of the number one reasons people use to choose a new congregation.  Even if no one else comes to join us, the faithful members of Grace deserve comfortable pews to worship on.

Pastor Megan has created a fundraising project, recycling our over abundance of old hymnals into book marks and journals.  You can purchase them as gifts for friends, for your own use or simply donate to the pew cushion fund without buying any stuff.

You can place your donation in the regular offering by marking your check or envelope with "pews" or you can make an online donation using the links below.

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