Saturday, May 9, 2015

Grace Film Festival: May 2015 Official Selections

Watt Town : Holy songs from Jamaica (46) STEPHANE DELPHIN - Jamaca/France
Mid 19th century, a spiritual revolution breeds a new religion : The Zion Reival : appeared nearly one century before Rastafari, that black jamaicains embraced because African cosmology and Christian Baptist corpus could be blent. Still nowadays, 3 times a year, a Revival pilgrimage happens in Watt Town, St Ann.

Cotton Candy (16:31) Karol Kołodziński -  Poland
What if you could influence the mind of younger you and make him choose differently? Marcel goes on a meeting with his girlfriend Alice. On his way he meets strange girls from his past. Can those circumstances change his attitude towards his present relationship?

Intrinsic Moral Evil (10:45) Harm Weistra - Netherlands
Intrinsic Moral Evil seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play with the viewer’s perception and expectations. The layered story gradually develops; revealing its last secrets just before the end credits start. Inviting the audience to make its own interpretation.

I Never Said I Wasn't Happy (38:4) Sara Peak Convery - USA
Filmmaker and artist explores the implications of her parents' conflicted marriage.

The Martyr (10) Darren Langlands - UK
MI5 Agent Laura Kent explains her actions to an internal inquiry in the aftermath of a major terrorism incident.

THE WORLD IT IS.... (1:57:05) BISWAJEET BORA - India
The film is set in Mumbai, tells the story of ever growing human detachment with nature and how an urban family gets trapped in the concrete jungles of a metropolis. It’s a deep contrast between the most populous city of India, Mumbai and the natural beauty of Assam, this film is a satire on the mechanical and fame-driven lives of people of Mumbai.

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