Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Year of Numbers: Grace Lutheran, San Francisco is Growing

Typically, a church reviews its year in the love felt, community built and sacraments shared.  But since has previously been described as a "dying" congregation, we also want to highlight the very real growth, progress and impact on the community that has occurred in the last year:

202,000 - number of pounds of groceries given away in 2014 by our mission project Welcome in partnership with St. Francis Lutheran Church, the San Francisco Food Bank and Food Runners.

$26,606 - The amount of money the congregation raised through fundraisers for the Grace Infant Care Center, The San Francisco Night Ministry, ELCA World Hunger, Women of the ELCA, Homeless Prenatal, Welcome, SF CARES and other projects close to our heart.

$21,000 -  the amount of money Pastor Megan's work at SF CARES and Welcome brought into the church.

11,296 - the number of visits to our new website since February

9,360 - the number of hot meals served by our mission project Welcome in partnership with St. Francis Lutheran Church.

9,482 - views of Pastor Megan's faithful videos and bible studies on YouTube in 2014.
$8,300 - the amount of money individuals have donated or pledged to Grace to cover the $18,000 in 2015 lost rent from Hope's departure from our space.

3,700 - highest monthly online bible study stats for the year.

$3,000 - the amount of money, Pastor Megan's preaching and teach outside the church brought into the church.

1,000 - the number of prescription eye glasses given away by our mission project Welcome and SF CARES.

546 - number of plates served on Thanksgiving to the homeless and hungry by our Pastor Megan with our mission project Welcome in partnership with St. Francis Lutheran Church, Thrivent Financial, the San Francisco Food Bank and Food Runners.

113 - the estimated number of succulents planted in the front yards Labyrinth and Butterfly gardens.

100 - the estimated number of neighbors who joined us at our neighborhood block party

54 - the highest number of participants on our live stream during a single Sunday service

43 - the number of  chairs Pastor Megan reupholstered in Brotherhood Hall.

34 - the number of in person (plus 44 online) participants at our Faithfully Fluid conference for Christian LGBTQ College Students in partnership with Welcome, the Student Christian Movement, the Carpenter Foundation and the St. Francis Lutheran Church Endowment.

16 - the number of people who voted to unanimously call Pastor Megan to Grace.

15 - the number of happy babies and toddlers playing in the infant care center.

7 - the number of new members that have joined the church since Pastor Megan became our pastor in February - this is a 43% increase in membership.

5 - the number of Beatles Masses celebrated at the church

3 - the number of Christian Adult Education books Pastor Megan released this year.

2- the number of royalty crowned in thanks for their Ministry of Coffee Hour

1- the number of adult baptisms at the church.

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