Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Drought Resistant Succulent Labyrinth - To Celebrate Lent and Encourage Visitors to Grace

Pastor Megan will be transforming the lawn into a succulent labyrinth garden throughout the season of Lent.  Members and friends of the congregation are invited to to bring clippings from succulents to plant in the areas multched in red.  

The garden will need minimal care, provide a faithful activity for members and friends and will hopefully draw visitors to the church. 

The ancient labyrinth design above,  has a cross in the center that can be accentuated by plants. 

Pastor Megan built a large labyrinth garden at the former site of St. Paulus Lutheran (Eddy and Gough is below).  The labyrinth brought many visitors to the site.  This location is now closed, because the property will soon be developed to create low income housing and a store front space for St. Paulus.

 The Free Farm labyrinth is about one quarter of the size of the Grace Cathedral labyrinth and is different in that our labyrinth is made of plants and bricks. Our bricks are recycled from the foundation of the original St. Paulus Cathedral that burned in 1995. The Free Farm labyrinth is listed on the Worldwide labyrinth locator. 

The labyrinth was used to meditate and ponder our existence without having to go far. One can walk the labyrinth as if walking on a pilgrimage or use it to reorient towards God (as Christians have done for centuries).

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