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Wedding and Building Use Rules

Wedding and Facilities Use Rules
Pre-Marital Care: All couples who are getting married at the church are required to receive marriage counseling or pastoral care.  The purpose of this requirement is to establish a relationship with a counselor or pastor so the couple will have a trusted support person they can contact in the future.  The Pastor may waive this requirement for couples who are renewing their vows or who have been together for more than three years and were previously prevented from marrying by civil laws.  In order to fulfill this requirement couples may:
·         Meet with a pastor or counselor of their choice for at least six visits and provide a signed letter of completion.
·         Complete pre-marital pastoral care with Pastor Megan Rohrer at the rate of $50 a session for non-members and $0 for members.

Wedding Services: Lutheran, Christian, non-denominational and Interfaith services are all welcome in our sanctuary. If the wedding couple would like to work with a pastor from Grace, a service will be created that honors the couple’s wishes for their wedding service.  For services officiated by others, all services need to respect the faith and sacredness of our sanctuary.  Our Pastor reserves the right to ask officiants or wedding parties to adjust their service if it would violate the spirit of our sacred space. 

Alcohol:  Except for communion, the only alcohol permitted on the church grounds is champagne for wedding toasts, and wine and beer when served with a meal.   Due to laws surrounding the sale of alcohol, no alcohol may be sold on our property without a valid alcohol license.  No other alcohol is permitted on church property without the written permission of both the Pastor and Church Council.  

Candles: Renters are not allowed to decorate with candles, unless they are approved by the Wedding Liaison.  Candles may only be used when they are: candles owned by the congregation; they are fueled by oil and are in spill proof containers; they are used as table decorations and are housed in a lantern; they are battery operated; or, they are being used for a candle ceremony during the wedding service.  Renters will be charged $35 for each wax spill.

Decorations: The Wedding Liaison is authorized to speak for the Council and advise renters on decorations and their permitted use at Grace. All decorations and materials used for hanging decorations must have prior approval by the Wedding Liaison.   Renters should not hang any decorations from any ceiling tiles.   In rooms where decorations are allowed on the walls, painters tape or removable materials must be used.  Absolutely no nails or scotch tape may be used in all of Grace’s facilities.

Flowers:  In any room where flowers are used, all flower petals, vessels and flower debris must be properly cleaned-up and disposed of.  If any renters who would like to leave flowers in good condition for use by the congregation, the donation would be welcome.

Photography: There  will be no flash pictures and no “roaming” photographers during the ceremony.  Pictures can be taken up to 30 minutes before the wedding, and again after the wedding.  Once the service has started, photographer must stay on the side of the communion railing they are on until the completion of the service.  Renters who would like photographs from both sides of the communion railing may want to consider hiring two photographers.

Rice, Birdseed and Bubbles:  The throwing of rice or birdseed is not permitted for reasons that are practical, legal, and theological.  Renters are only permitted to use bubbles outside of the facilities.

Wedding Liaison: All wedding parties, even if you have your own wedding planner, are required to have a Wedding Liaison from Grace Church.  Grace’s Wedding Liaison will be at the site during the wedding and wedding rehearsal to answer questions about space, unlock doors, ensure the wedding party, catering staff and guests properly sort the trash, (compost and recycling), and ensure that the bathrooms are properly stocked and clean during your event.   The fee for this service is $250 and includes unlocking the site for the wedding rehearsal, and one site visit.  An additional $35 fee will be added for further unlocking.
Janitorial Services:  All renters are expected to return the church to the condition they found it in after events.  Wedding parties may pay an additional fee to have the facilities cleaned after their event.   Janitorial fees for the receptions in the fellowship hall are as follows: $200 for parties with 1-50 individuals; $275 for parties with 51-100 individuals; and $350 for parties with 101-150 individuals.  Additional fees will be added for any wax spills, carpet stains, oven cleaning or damage to property that may take place during the event.
The following fees will also be taken out of the deposits of renters who fail to complete any of these tasks before leaving the space.  Renters are encouraged to meet with the Wedding Liaison at the end of their event and complete Grace’s end of event checklist to ensure the church is fully cleaned and they will not be subject to additional cleaning fees.  Fees for this service are as follows:

* Kitchen, Brotherhood Hall or Sanctuary Cleaning (a separate charge for each room):  $25
* Fellowship Hall Cleaning: $350
* Bathroom Cleaning: $25
* Tables and Chairs Set-Up and Break-Down: $50

* Oven cleaning: $100   
* Candle Wax: $35 for each spill
* Carpet stains: $50 for each spill
* Garbage Sorting: $50
* Emptying trash cans at the end of the event: $25

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Room Use Rules
·         This is a sacred space and should be treated as such.  Any use of the chancel (the area behind the communion rail) needs to be outlined in detail prior to space use and approved by the Pastor. 
·         All decorations need to be described and approved in the rental contract.  Grace reserves the right to prohibit any construction or decorations that we deem to compromise the sacredness of the space, could create damage or that pose a liability issue.
·         The alter may NOT be moved for any reason. 
·         No adhesives or tape is allowed on the pews.  If you are interested in putting up decorations they should be affixed with a coated s-hook wire that will not scratch the wood.
·         No helium-filled balloons are allowed in the sanctuary.

If you are not interested in treating our sanctuary as a sacred space, please consider using the stage in the fellowship instead. 

Brotherhood Hall:
·         You may use the tables and chairs that are in the room, but you are not permitted to move in furniture from other areas of the church without the permission of the congregation.  If approved, you are responsible to put back any items that you move.
·         You are not permitted to use or move bookcases.
·         You are NOT permitted to hang any decorations from the ceiling.

·         Nothing other than toilet paper should be flushed in the toilet. 
·         Please ensure all items are removed from the bathroom and there are no clogs before you leave.

·         No food should be left in the kitchen after an event, unless you have been pre-approved to donate items to the church.
·         All dishes, countertops and surfaces should be cleaned and put away after use.
·         Cooking is only allowed with permission and may require a group to obtain liability insurance.

Fellowship Hall:
·         Rental of this room includes the use of our tables and chairs.  Unless you’ve paid an additional fee for set-up and take down, you are responsible for this. 
·         Do not drag tables, chairs or other items across the floor.
·         Only painters tape (the blue tape that does not damage walls) should be used to hang decorations. 
·         You are NOT permitted to hang any decorations from the ceiling.

Pianos and the Organ:
·         Use of the pianos and/or organ must be rented in addition to the use of any space agreements.
·         Instruments should not be moved without permission.
·         Children should not be allowed to play with instruments unattended.
·         Regardless of use, renters will be charged for any damage to our musical instruments at the actual cost of repair or replacement.
                                                                     General Rules for Use of Facilities
1.            Alcohol:  Except for communion, the only alcohol permitted on the church grounds is champagne for wedding toasts, and wine and beer when served with a meal.   Due to laws surrounding the sale of alcohol, no alcohol may be sold on our property without a valid alcohol license.  No other alcohol is permitted on church property without the written permission of both the Pastor and Church Council.   The Wedding Liaison person will have the right to ask any guest or renter to immediately leave Grace’s facilities if they are consuming or distributing alcohol in an unsafe manner.
2.            No smoking.  There shall be no smoking on Grace’s premises. It is illegal to smoke in a public building or within 30 feet from any entry way of Grace.  Smoking in Grace’s facilities may result in immediate eviction from Grace’s facilities and the nullifying of this contract.  There will be a fee of $10 for each cigarette butt found on our property.
3.            No loud music or noise is permitted that will disturb Grace’s neighbors.
4.            No rowdy conduct is permitted.
5.            All decorations must follow the above guidelines. 
6.            Garbage shall be taken to the garbage can area and properly placed in said containers. There will be no liquid (i.e. coffee, punch, etc.) emptied in the garbage containers.  Liquid should be poured in the sink. Follow instruction from the Wedding Liaison about the proper sorting of garbage.  Renters may be required to provide additional trash bags.
7.            Chairs, tables, furniture, fixtures and/or equipment that belong to Grace shall not be used, moved or removed without the permission of the Wedding Liaison, nor shall banners, paraments or other items used for services in the sanctuary.  If permission is given, any item that is used, moved or removed shall be returned to its/their original location and in the condition in which it/they was/were found.
8.            Floors, carpets, walls, counters, kitchen appliances, furniture and bathrooms shall be left in the same condition in which they were found.  It is the responsibility of parties using the facilities to see that they are left clean and neat, if this is not done, all or a portion of the security deposit may be withheld to pay for additional cleaning.  No food, refreshments, ice or refrigerated items shall be left in the refrigerator (unless they are a donation approved by the Wedding Liaison).
9.            The backyard area of the Church is strictly off  limits to all non-congregational groups and cannot be used under any circumstances.  Even opening the doors to the backyard (except in emergencies) is not permitted.
10.          $25.00 shall be assessed on all groups or individuals who use Grace’s facilities if they leave any lights on in the building. $40.00 shall be assessed on all groups or individuals who leave water running, heat turned on or appliances left on.
11.          The Infant Care Center wing is strictly off limits to all groups and individuals using Grace’s facilities.
12.          No phone calls shall be made from church phones unless permission is given by the Wedding Liaison.
13.          With the exception of communion, no food or beverage is allowed in the Sanctuary.
14.          Please stay in the area you have been assigned to.  The church may be occupied by other groups and wandering around may distract them. 
15.          Renters are required to follow all applicable laws and ensure their guests do the same.
Sanctuary: 200 seated - 250 crowded
Fellowship Hall: 275 people - 150 at tables seated
Brotherhood Hall: 75 people

Fellowship Hall: 96 Chairs, 12 Round Tables and 8 Long Tables
Brotherhood Hall: 3 Rectangle Tables and 25 Chairs
Sanctuary: 3 Microphones, White Banners and 2 Music Stands

12 White Round Table Cloths (for an additional fee)
12 Morrocan Lanterns

Groups (or their guests) who violate these rules have voided their contract and may be asked to leave immediately.  Any damages will be taken out of your deposit and will only be refunded a percentage of your payment based on the amount of time you used the space.

IN CONSIDERATION of being permitted to participate in activities at GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH for any purpose, including, but not limited to observation, use of facilities or equipment or participation in any way on or off the facilities.
THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND COVENANTS NOT TO SUE GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH, its officers, agents, or employees (hereinafter referred to as ‘releases’) from all liability to the undersigned for any loss or damage and any claim or demands therefore on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in death of the undersigned, whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise, while the undersigned is in, upon, or about the premises or any facilities or equipment therein.
THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS the releases and each of them from any loss, liability, damage or cost they may incur due to the presence of the undersigned in, upon or about GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH premises, or in any way observing or using any facilities or equipment of GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH while using the premises or any facility or equipment hereon.
THE UNDERSIGNED further expressly agrees that the foregoing RELEASE, WAIVER AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of California and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.
THE UNDERSIGNED HAS READ AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNS THE RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, and further agrees that no oral representation, statements or inducement apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.

End of Event Check List
Renters are strongly encouraged to check in with the Wedding Liaison before leaving their event to ensure that they have completed all the items on the event check list.  Assuming no additional or hidden property damage is discovered after your event, this event will help you get your security deposit back.
Renters who refuse to complete any of the items on the check-list will have the cleaning costs taken out of their deposit.  The Wedding Liaison will take photos of issues when renters fail to check out.

Actual Start Time of Rental:__________                              Actual End Time of Rental:__________
Actual # of People at the Event: __________

Cleaning Check List:  Write J on the items the couple has pre-arranged to have janitorial services for.
___ Kitchen Cleaned ($25 fee)                                   ___ Oven Cleaned ($100 fee)    
___ Brotherhood Hall Cleaned ($25 fee)                               ___ Sanctuary Cleaning ($25 fee)
___ Fellowship Hall Cleaned ($350 fee)                  ___  Bathroom Cleaned ($25 fee)
___ Tables and Chairs Put Away ($50 fee)            ___ Outside Check for Cigarette Butts ($10 Each)
___ Candle Wax Check: ($35 for each spill)           ___ Carpet Stain Check ($50 for each spill)
___ Trash Properly Sorted ($50 fee)                        ___ Trash Cans Emptied ($25 fee)
___ Lights Turned Off ($25 fee)                                 ___ Water, Heat and Appliances Turned Off ($40 fee)

Notes about any property damage:

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